This module integrates the fees collection details with the dashboards and real time details of the fees can be viewed. Here the fee types are configured, student fee payment and other fee payments are monitored. Option to obtain a duplicate receipt is also provided.


  • Name/Class Wise Search- Fee amount to be paid by a student is done by searching the student. By entering student Id or class or name, the amount to be paid for a particular period is viewed.
  • Monthly Fee Items- Monthly fee items are displayed based on the fee setting. For each student fee pending amount can be displayed.
  • Annual Fee Items- Annual fee items are listed among the fee items based on the month for which those fees are to be collected.
  • Fee Receipt- Fee receipts can be printed based on the view of fee items and amount for each student. Duplicate fee receipt also can be printed by entering Bill number. Fee items can be categorized to print different number of bills as per settings.
  • Daily Collection Report- Daily Collection report can be of different type based on the user requirement. Class Wise collection and total collection of particular fee items are also available.
  • Dues List- Different types of dues lists are available. Dues list reports can be customized.
  • Fine Settings-Fine setting for a student for particular fee items can be done using fine setting interface.
  • Deduction -Deduction for a particular student can be set for particular fee item. Based on the deduction amount, dues list will be automatically modified. Deduction related reports are available for each student.
  • Conveyance Fee/Individual Fee Items- Bus/Van fee collection for each student based on the boarding point can be collected monthly or as per the administrator settings. Dues report and collection report of other individual fee items are also available based on the individual fee settings.
  • Individual breakage charges can also be configured in the system on a need basis.
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