• The admission process can be made on-line allowing parents to download the application, filling and sending the completed application and track the progress. Even the interview details like the venue and date of the interview can be messaged to the parents.
  • Selection criteria can be defined in the system which will help the management team to filter the eligible candidates easily.
  • Syllabus Setting for Each Standard- For each standard, syllabus can be set differently. Thus the system supports different syllabus for different curriculum
  • Class/ Section Details Entry -Class and section can be selected from the list and specific information like number of students, building location, maximum number of students who can be allowed in a particular class can be set
  • Class/Division Edit/Change- The system provides essential support by editing the class details for changing a syllabus for existing class for a new academic year.
  • Application Submission- Application form details can be entered for processing the application. The criteria based searching and listing can be done to allocate a student for a particular class
  • Student Details Entry- Student details include personal details, family details, health details and student history. The system checks for all essential field entry for admission data. Optional fields can be entered later while editing.
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